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Here's the answer for printing in McKeldin. If you would like to know about printing at other branches, inquire at a service desk and staff will be glad to help you. 

You can print on many different kinds of paper, a few of which are sold by the Terrapin Learning Commons desk on Second Floor. It costs the same amount to print on your own paper as on the library's (10 cents for back and white; 7 cents per side, double-sided; 50 cents per page for color). Go here for further details. 

  1. When you come into McKeldin, log on to a public computer on the First Floor.
  2. Pull up what you want to print and click "Print."
  3. When the print options box comes up, click on File up at the top left, go down to Print, then click on Preferences on the next page. Click on the Paper Source tab next, then select "Multipurpose Tray." Then click Print. Fill in your name and the name of the print job in the pop up box.
  4. Once the print job has been sent, go up to any of the printers on First Floor.
  5. Swipe your Terrapin Express or guest photocopy card, touch Pharos on the screen, and select your print job from the list and touch Print.
  6. The printer should prompt you to load paper. Open (if it isn't already open) the paper tray on the right side of the printer. It should fold out easily and you shouldn't be looking at the insides of the printer.
  7. Set your paper in the tray and make sure the paper guides (little fins on either side of the tray) are snug to your paper.
  8. A screen will pop up asking how heavy and/or glossy your paper is. Once you've selected a setting and hit "OK," the print job will go through.

If you run into any problems, let the staff at the Library Services Desk know, and we'll be happy to help! 


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