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Access to the UMD libraries is tied to your UMD registration, so you've got to be taking classes to stay eligible for library privileges. (Don't worry about taking classes every summer, as long as you are registered in spring and for upcoming fall classes, you are still eligible to keep your library privileges over the summer)

After graduation, your access begins to expire in the following ways:

Databases, Journals, Articles, and Ebooks:

Students lose access to all services that require them to sign in with their University Credentials one (1) year after regular graduation (last registered semester). Ex. last registered Spring 2022 - lose access at the end of Spring 2023 term. This means that students may be able to remotely access digital resources up to one (1) year after graduation (depending on the resource, this access may end earlier)

Books (the paper ones):

Students graduating in the Spring & Summer semesters may check out books until October 1st of the graduation year (no due dates past Oct 1st will be given); those who graduate in Fall or Winter, may check out books until Feb 15th following their graduation (no due dates past Feb 15th will be given). If you still want books after graduation, check out your local public library or our Community Borrower program.

Room Reservations and Equipment:

Now that you've graduated, you are no longer to eligible to reserve rooms and equipment (we need to make room for the new students!).

What next?

You can still visit! Visitors can can use public computers in the Libraries by getting a guest ID and password at the Services Desk. Off campus, only currently registered UMD students and currently employed faculty and staff may access our electronic resources. We have compiled a list of open access resources that could be useful to you if you cannot visit in-person.

Find Your Public Library!

Please also check with your local Public Library for access to resources using your public library card. In addition, residents of the state of Maryland can apply for access to the electronic sources from Enoch Pratt free Library including their databases.

See the following IT articles for info about other IT based services after graduation: 

IT: What Do I Lose Access to after Graduation?

Overview of Account Terminations for Students

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  1. Are graduates of UMCP able to access the libraries and check out materials?
    by Tina Hudak on Feb 09, 2023
  2. Hey Tina, Check out this other FAQ for what access alumni have
    by James Spring (McK) on Feb 09, 2023

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