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In order to get started with 3D printing at the JSG MakerSpace in McKeldin you are going to want to email us at This makerspace does not offer "print shop" style 3D printing services but instead asks that our patrons take a more participatory role in 3D printing at the JSG MakerSpace. After you email us we will ask you to watch two preparatory videos before setting up a 30-50 minute in-person training session during our operating hours. This training will acclimate you to the printers and software that are in this space getting you ready to start printing on your own. After the training you will have the knowledge to come in on your own time during our operating hours and prepare prints to be printed on our 3D printers. Depending on the time it takes to print, you may even start them right then and there. You will have to watch the first few layers of printing and then may leave until it has finished and is ready to pick up. 


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